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(May 11, 2016)
Long time no see, bitches.
(Dec 19, 2014)
Blackrock comes out in 39 days
(Nov 13, 2014)
(Nov 11, 2014)
This was written for Pallys but most of it is applicable knowledge for anyone about leveling in WoD:
(Nov 07, 2014) GUYS IT"S MY SONG
(Nov 07, 2014)
Episode 001 of YubiCast is up
(Nov 03, 2014)
My ultimate success.
(Oct 03, 2014)
Oi oi! I be KarlTheNth. Thank ye fer acceptance into this clan o' yers. ;)
(Sep 04, 2014)
Team Nibbler is now recruiting raiders for Warlords progression. Fill out an app today for consideration.
(Aug 17, 2014)
Glad to have you join us, Tahlk.
(Aug 16, 2014)
Hey all, Tahlk here. I've raided with Rawrrior extensively in the past and have had the pleasure of raiding with Yubi recently. I hope to get to meet you all!
(Apr 18, 2014)
Woohoo! Heroic Galakras is down.
(Apr 10, 2014)
(Mar 01, 2014)
25 man team is still looking for excellent DPS
(Feb 07, 2014)
Looking for members to raid Thursday/Friday morning 10am server. Contact me ingame fizquik or at Fizquik#1911
(Feb 02, 2014)
Paying 30g per stack of Frostweave cloth. Anyone interested should send it CoD to Mercymayham. ty
(Jan 30, 2014)
Anyone want a "Krol Blade" for x-mog? Free to a good home.
(Jan 24, 2014)
Team Slurm is looking for a DPS with a healing off-spec. Contact me in-game Aviney#1619