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Guild Rules
Guild Mission

Planet Express (Stormrage US Alliance) provides a welcoming, friendly and active guild atmosphere that supports multiple raid groups. We strive to include as many players as possible in guild activities which range from progression raiding to casual raiding to achievement raiding for fun and transmog. PE also welcomes characters leveling, but primarily caters to the interests and needs of level 90 game experience.


Subject to change or amendment at any time.

Members’ Code of Conduct
The guild is set up to enhance the enjoyment of the game for you and other members. Always strive to uphold the integrity, dignity and honor of the guild. As long as you wear the guild tag on your name, remember what you say and do reflect on the reputation of the guild. Consider yourself an Ambassador. Treat others as you want to be treated.

From time to time, guild chat may have lively discussions. If you find yourself easily offended, it’s recommended that you simply turn off guild chat for a while. If you take personal offense to something said in guild chat, do not respond to that person. Contact an officer for help. If another player is being outright abusive, take a screenshot and contact an officer and allow the officer to resolve the issue. In the meantime, excuse yourself from all further discussion with that player and put them on ignore so you won’t be troubled anymore. Starting drama over your own personal feelings is not welcome. The only person who controls how you feel is you, so be responsible for that and not a victim. If you’ve been told that your comments are inappropriate and you are asked by an officer to settle down, it’s advised you heed this serious warning.

Trolling public chat channels is not tolerated as long as you have the guild tag on your name. If you troll, do it on a level 1 alt that is not in the guild, with a name that does not resemble your main’s in any form.

Discrimination or slander based on race, gender, religion, sexual preference or anything that is not accepted in real life, will not be tolerated. This is not limited to guild chat, but also includes general, trade and instance chats. This will result in immediate removal of main and alts from the guild.

Harassment, begging or complaining to get people for your group, about being power leveled, teleported, resurrected, given loot, gold, get enchants or items crafted. These things are not your rights, but your privileges. If a member or the guild decides to help you in this way, that is that member's decision. Demanding things from guild mates is a fast path to a pink slip.

Leela/Professor – GM and GM alts
Brain Slug – Officers/RLs and their alts
Nibbler – Raider on the weekday raid team
Fry – Raider for the weekend team
Bender - Trial raider
Zoidberg – Member of any level who is not on a raid team
Amy Wong – Alt
Scruffy – New member, in guild for less than 2 weeks

All raiders shall complete an application form to both apply for a raid spot and request access to the guild website. Casual, non-raiding members simply all parts except the raider application. All members are asked to read and sign off on the guild rules on the application.

Players who haven't logged on for a month or more may be removed from the guild for inactivity.


Raiders Rights
Core, trial and back up raiders have the right to request honest, constructive performance criticism from the raid leaders and guild master. They also have the right to request help in correcting issues or other raid relevant topics. It is the raid leader’s responsibility to provide this help and feedback.

Progression Teams

Raiders are required to pass audit before every raid, being properly gemmed, enchanted and spec’d.

Raiders shall not leave mid-raid to get loot coins, enchants, gems, etc. This must be done before or after raid time.

Raiders are expected to be patient with progression (that’s why they’re on the team), and to keep any nerd rage to themselves. Constructive criticism is welcome, but should be directed to the raid leader, not the entire raid team. It’s not your job to call out someone else’s derping – chances are the RL already knows.

Ventrilo listening is required in all raids. Speaking on vent is fine except during explanations or boss fights. Ask questions in raid chat if the RL is talking. During boss fights, only necessary talking, such as calling out for help, using cool down rotation, calling out boss mechanics, etc is permitted. Off topic or excessive chatter after receiving a warning may result in benching. Vent is a privilege, not a right.

Invites for all raid activities go out 15 minutes ahead the scheduled time. Raiders are expected to be in front of the raid zone at the start of the event. Tardiness and unpreparedness may result in removal or replacement from the raid group that night. Repeated offenses may result in permanent benching.

Trials are required to have perfect attendance during their trial periods.

Raiders are expected to attend all raid nights.

Occasionally real life prevents a raider from attending a raid. Raiders must be proactive in notifying the raid leader through a forum post, message or mail in game or by whispering him or her on the WoW Armory app. You must contact the RL directly. Two no-call/no-show incidents may result in permanent benching at the discretion of the raid leader.

Raiders who have a pattern of only showing up for only the first night of raiding and not the second, may be benched at the discretion of the raid leader.

Trial Raiders

Read about trials

Backup Raiders
Backups raiders are members who are expected to be knowledgeable of all current content boss encounters and meet gear/ audit standards. To become a backup raider, the member shall complete a raid application on the guild website and be approved to raid by leadership. Backups are usually promoted to rank of Bender to denote such qualifications. Backups are not expected to save their raid lockouts for any guild raid group, but will be invited if their lockout allows them to join the raid at that particular boss. They are treated with the same rights and responsibilities as core raiders in respect to preparedness and looting.

Alt Raiders
Alts refer to alts of core raiders in the guild. Unguilded alts will not be considered. Alts are allowed in guild raids at the discretion of the raid leader to achieve ideal raid composition. They are treated with the same rights and responsibilities as main raiders in respect to preparedness and looting.

Casual Raiders
A casual raider is anyone doing current expansion raiding, but not progression in the current end raid zone.

Casual raiders (and core raiders) who attend non-current raid zone events are responsible for providing their own potions and flasks.

Raiding Loot Rules

Read about loot


Don't be greedy.

Guild Bank
The primary function of the guild bank is to support the endeavors of the progression raid teams. This includes but is not limited to: guild repairs during progression content; providing flasks, potions and food; and subsidizing gems and enchants. Just ask an officer for assistance.

Any abuse of this system may result in demotion, benching or removal from the guild.

The “Free for All” tab of the bank is open to all members (Zoidberg and higher) to unlimited deposit and 1 stack withdraw (daily). This tab belongs to members and operates on the honor system. Donations and gold deposits are always appreciated and welcome. Please don’t abuse this privilege.


Required Addons
VEM, not DBM

Recommended Addons
SpellFlash Core
Bitten's Spell Flash (class module)

All raiders are required to protect their accounts with a login authenticator from Blizzard. You can buy one from Blizzard for $6.50 (includes shipping) or download the free application for smart phones. It’s so easy for hackers to break into your unprotected account and sell your gear and items and then transfer off the gold. It’s just not worth the risk.


Guild master & raid leader: Yubi
Loot master & raid leader: Aviney
Recruitment officer: Verisnia
Raid strats & evaluation officer: Tahlk

Responsibilities & Expectations
As stewards of the guild, officers are responsible for the specific leadership role for which they were given ownership: primarily raid leadership. Raid leaders are expected to be familiar with all raid encounters they plan to endeavor, and make consumables from the guild bank available to guilded raid members. They are also responsible for raid composition and filling missing players, evaluating trials and core raiders when appropriate, and handling loot disputes.

Officers are expected to monitor guild chat at all times and diplomatically resolve disputes between members. If the grievance requires escalation to the guild master, provide screenshots whenever possible.

No member may be promoted to the rank of Brain Slug without having an authenticator attached to the account at all times. There are no exceptions to this rule. An unprotected account puts the entire guild at risk of thieves.

All officers are expected to engage the guild in activities including progression raids, old content raids, heroic scenarios and heroic dungeons on a regular basis. Officers should also stay aware and seek out new talent in the guild by participating in events. If a member is identified as a potential raid trial, the officer should ask the member if raiding is something they're interested in, and help them get involved in activities to further the member's interest. All officers shall pay attention to Trade chat when in cities for opportunities to fill raid spots and recruit new members of all levels.

The raid leaders will communicate needs to the guild master and recruitment officers, who are responsible for maintaining and updating recruitment threads on the realm and guild recruitment forums on Blizzard’s website, and the recruitment areas of the guild website. All officers will also scan trade chat and look for other casual or raid candidates looking for a guild. Make all possible effort to recruit through as many means as possible and provide qualified applicants to the raid leaders. All recruitment communications must look clean and professional, free from grammatical and spelling errors.