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Yubi / Aug 15, 2014
Planet Express raid team is an experienced and precise team that will guarantee your kill. Just sit back and relax as we help you get your Garrosh kill achieve/Feat of Strength, Wolf Mount and maybe even a BOA (remember these are randomly assigned loot and do not actually drop off the boss).

Carries will be on Saturday nights at 8pm server time.
Yubi / Jul 27, 2014
Warlords recently shifting into Beta Testing and the WoD expansion is approaching and recruiting will resume.

When planning for classes and specs for expansion, players who have multiple geared 90s (eg, Ranged and Melee DPS alts) and/or mulitple specs (DPS & Healing specs or DPS and tank specs) will be more valuable to the flexibility of the team and you should be prepared to do more than just 1 class with 1 spec. If you apply as a DPS, it's going to be more helpful if you play mulitiple toons well at raid level than if you do not. Please keep this in mind as you consider your application.

Yubi / May 25, 2014
As WoD approaches, Planet Express is in need of growing leadership and delegating some tasks out to others.

Availble positions:
- Raid lead
- Assistant Raid lead
- LFR/Flex/Casual Raid lead
- Class lead (DPS, Heal, etc)
- Recruitment
- PVP/RBG Leader
- Non-progression social events coordinator (contests, pet battle tourney, gnome races, etc)
- Old school raid leader (Nax mog/achieve/mount runs, etc)
- Membership/Welcome-wagon (help new recruits get settled into guild, make sure all guild notes are updated)
- Website development/expansion/driving people to website
- Social promoter (get people more engaged in guild/vent)
- Non-progression events (dungeons, HS, CMs, guild challenges, etc)
- Making videos of guild raids/Streaming
- Other

Contact Yubi#1101 if interested!