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Yubi / May 11, 2016

As Legion approaches in August, Planet Express is discussing reinstating our raid team, after disappointment and burnout from Warlords.

Our raid team will be casual in content (not pushing for mythic) and time commitment, but hard core in mentality. This means we don't have a lot of time to raid, but want to have fun and be prepared when we do.

That means each raider on the team comes to raid on time, prepared with pots/flasks, gems, enchants, specs all properly prepared.

Our recruitment process is simply to make sure the individual is a good fit for our guild atmosphere, because it is not right for everyone.

We do not discriminate on age, race, gender, orientation, or religion. We don't care what you are -- Tyrion Lannister or The Mountain -- as long as you're a decent person and competent raider. We welcome everyone, and if we make fun of you, it's because you're accepted and we like you. There's a big red line between joking and malicious intent, and we know that.

Our raid team is not just a pack of raiders, we're friends. We like having new friends join us. We do not like having new people join us and use us or insult us. We like to hang out with each other in game or in voice coms outside of game.
Yubi / Sep 04, 2014

Team Nibbler of Planet Express is a semi-hardcore progression raid team. We are now opening recruitment of exceptional players who possess qualities we value to join our team. Attendance both nights each week is mandatory. Missing more than 1 raid night in 2 months may result in removal from the team. Schedule your dates, family events, movies on other days or during the daylight hours, folks. Dedication means progression, and progression means 100% attendance.